Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Winter Warfare!

It's been a while since we posted, but after a long and busy season, we waved goodbye to our Festive Season guests and started to plan our winter mainetenance programme. One additional task that we've had to factor in over the past couple of winters is a battle against visiting goosanders!

Larger than our resident ducks, these birds will (if given the opportunity) fish in large teams, and whilst their usual habitat is further north on rivers they do seem to be moving further and further south during the colder months, and not turning their beaks up at the abundance of lakes here!
Thankfully, we are glad to report that we are winning this particular war - thanks to our team of  'scareboys' !
We've got an army of them strategically placed around all of our ponds, and they are doing a magnificent job of sending these unwelcome visitors on their merry way!
With spring (and guests) fast approaching, we'll soon be able to retire our army - until next time!