Monday, 31 August 2009

Boscastle Food, Arts & Crafts Festival

The Boscastle Food, Arts and Crafts Festival (3rd & 4th October 2009) is organised by the Boscastle Chamber of Trade and Commerce with the support of many other organisations in the area.

This is a wonderful festival with lashings of fresh food, harbour fun and evening frolics and has become more and more popular each year. See local Chefs demonstrating and visit stalls where producers will be selling their food, arts and crafts. Main marquees in the Car Park with supporting activities around the harbour and scenic old village For up to date information keep a check on the Boscastle Chamber of Trade website:

22nd Bude Jazz Festival comes to town!

New Orleans comes to Cornwall! Bude is the small and unspoilt seaside town on Cornwall’s beautiful Atlantic Coast that hosts one of Britain’s leading jazz festivals. The Twenty-second Bude Jazz Festival will pack 166 jazz events into the eight day...s from Saturday 29 August to Saturday 5 September 2009. A single stroller ticket will give you admission to all but two of these events.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

So, Forda Lodges in Bude is now officially blogging!

Well now, after months of saying we must, we should, we ought to... which then turned into we should have really..., we ought to have by now... and other such woeful comments, we have now finally made it! Here is our very own, official blog!

I suppose the reason for not having had a blog until now is simply this: We can't really get our heads around the fact that anyone would be remotely interested in reading about what we have to say and do. But hey, every web marketing geek tells you to have a blog, up your rankings that way and tell the world that - hey, we're here!... so here we are...

Although we obviously have rather a lot to say about how lovely Forda Lodges & Cottages is as the perfect place to stay, we can only say so much without repeating ourselves. So we will probably be using this tool for our latest news feeds and reccommendations, upcoming events in Bude, Cornwall & Devon and other, hopefully more interesting snippets!

So, here goes, welcome to our Forda & Bude BLOG!