Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Delightful places off the beaten track in Devon and Cornwall

It's funny how things go sometimes... Jim and Gillian took a day off last week and went on a bit of a mystery tour through Devon on their way to Sheppy's Cider near Taunton, passing through some wonderful little places on the way, which are worth a visit in their own right!

So we have decided to share the knowledge of these wonderful places to visit that you won't find in every travel book, nor in any of the common visitor publications.

Sheppy's Cider is well worth a visit, by the by, offering a wonderful array of ciders, apple juices and home made preserves and conserves, and a very interesting little museum! The best of all was that Jim rediscovered a cider from his childhood (should he have known about ciders in his childhood????), which may now be offered on our welcome trays!

However, what really impressed them was a little village called Bampton, which is hidden in the deepest depths of Devonshire, just off the A396 towards Exmoor. It is a wonderful, unspoilt village, which seems to still be able to offer a delightful variety of independent shops. Jim was most impressed with the delicatessen shop, whilst Gillian found the restaurant (which was unfortunately closed) offered a most interesting menu! So much so, that they are now planning another trip there to sample the dishes soon!

We hope to have regular updates on these matters and will hopefully publish something of interest quite soon!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Ross Hoddinott Photography | Cornwall

Ross Hoddinott Photography Cornwall

These are some stunning pictures by a very talented local photographer!